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Sunday - 07/24/2016
S&P 500 2,044.81 17.33 NYSE Comp 10,711.41 89.14 S&P/TSX 14,384.92 72.80


Our Mission

The mission of Financials.com is a simple one: to arm our customers with comprehensive content that is useful, current and available at a single location. Our overall aim is quality; our underlying goal is the creation of long-term, customer-focussed relationships.


Financials.com is one of the Web's most comprehensive sources of financial and investment information for individual investors and other web sites alike. Designed as an "all-under-one-roof" resource, Financials.com provides access to a variety of tools that cover the spectrum from detailed stock quotes to charts, company fundamental data and online portfolio management. Our major departments include:

Quotes - Detailed equity and funds quotes for issues listed on the major North American exchanges.
Company Data - Company fundamental data, including recent financials, company-specific news and more.
Charts - Feature-packed financial charting, in a variety of user-defined formats.
Portfolio - One of the best online portfolio trackers around! Manage up to five separate portfolios through a single user account.
Indices - A detailed look at over 100 North American indices!
Most Actives - Review each day's ten most active equities, for each of the major North American exchanges.
Economy - Up-to-date federal numbers and economic news and analysis.
Industry Portfolios - We've compiled model equity portfolios for a range of industry sectors.
News - Our news feeds track 11 main industry groupings in over 75 news categories.
Currencies - Up-to-date quotes for the world's major currencies, including a handy conversion calculator!
Annual Reports - Order free annual reports for over 3000 companies.


The information presented on Financials.com is always fresh; updated minute-by-minute, throughout the day. Don't settle for data feeds that update a stock price only a few times per day. At Financials.com, we provide data that is truly meaningful to our users.

At No Cost

Our philosophy is that information should always be available to end-users at no charge. Unlike many other sites, whose free services are often enticements into pay-for-use accounts, our aim is to stick to this philosophy as much as we can - of course, we'd appreciate if you'd click on those advertising banners every now and then!

For Individual Investors

The proof is in the numbers. Our current subscriber base includes tens of thousands of users, and our website is visited by millions of unique users each month. We hope to create an experience that will see our customers return to Financials.com on a frequent basis, and in this respect rely heavily on user input. In fact, most of our service offerings are designed based on customer feedback, which we both appreciate and encourage. Due to the volume of mail we receive we can't always respond; but we do always listen!

For Other Websites

Whether you're a financial web site wishing a high-end data solution for your own users, a company wishing to display your stock price or a web designer needing financial content for a client, our information services division at FinancialCobrand.com has a data solution that meets your needs.

Through our FREE cobrand service, FinancialCobrand.com offers other web sites the opportunity to provide a broad range of fresh financial content to their customers. Partner sites can set up an online account immediately, choose which services they wish to make available, customize the look and feel and then return at any time to make modifications. Through the addition of simple links and input boxes, partner sites can literally have services up-and-running within minutes!

Or, if you're looking for a more custom solution, FinancialCobrand.com can tailor a data presentation to your specific requirements. Join the many customers who already count on us for their information needs!

Please CLICK HERE to find out more about our data presentation services.

Check out our free Cobrand Service and let us help you maximize your site's potential!

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